Even though the sexual revolution took place over half a century ago, topics related to sex have still been taboo. Questions about intimacy often arouse shame or discomfort, and sexual problems almost never reach specialists. People often look for the sources of sexual problems in physiology, while the physical sphere is only a part of sexual life. An equally important role in sexual fulfillment is played by the individual’s psychological zone. And that is why Krakow is a place where it is worth seeking such help from a sexologist.


A sexologist deals with various difficulties related to sexual life. The first reason to seek help from a sexologist is a negative answer to the question: „Am I satisfied with my sex life?” Typically, people believe that the situation is not critical and that minor problems will go away on their own. People often shift the responsibility for dissatisfaction onto their partner. However, looking for the sources of problems on your own usually leads to wrong conclusions.

A sexologist is a specialist who treats sexual disorders, corrects sexual behavior, and helps solve problems occurring in sexual relationships.

The most common difficulties a sexologist works with:

  • sexual dysfunctions (orgasmic dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual needs)
  • excessive sexual drive or lack of sex drive
  • fears or intrusive thoughts related to sexual behavior
  • premature/delayed ejaculation
  • sex addiction
  • issue related to gender identity
  • sexual trauma
  • sexual difficulties in a relationship


A visit to a sexologist at our Synapsa center in Krakow begins with exploring the patient’s difficulties and assessing his general emotional condition. Thanks to a thorough analysis of the collected data, the sexologist objectively presents the problems along with their possible sources and suggests ways to solve these problems. If necessary, psychotherapeutic help and a visit to a psychiatrist in Krakow are also recommended.

In some cases, the basis of sexual problems is physiological, in such a situation the sexologist recommends the patient to visit an andrologist, gynecologist or endocrinologist.

The task of a sexologist is primarily to find the sources of sexual problems, and the therapy is aimed not at alleviating the symptoms, but at eliminating the causes. It includes both the modification of the patient’s maladaptive behavioral patterns, as well as an analysis of his relationships and the detection of sexual disharmony.

The main goal of a sexologist is to help people experiencing sexual discomfort. Thanks to his knowledge and interdisciplinary approach, the sexologist is able to accurately determine the sources of the patient’s problems and offer effective methods to solve the problems.

Sex life is an important element of human well-being and has a huge impact on most areas of life. The support of an educated and experienced sexologist from Krakow will contribute not only to improving your sex life, but also to a more accurate understanding of your needs and motives and improving your overall life.


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Since 2013, Synapse has been a psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and psychological center bringing together experienced professionals offering help in solving problems.


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Since 2013, Synapse has been a psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and psychological center bringing together experienced professionals offering help in solving problems.