Psychologist on this: What impact does the premature loss of a father have on girls’ lives?

Psychologist on the trauma of abandonment

Abandonment is an experience that can affect people throughout their lives, especially if it occurred during a crucial period of development. For many people, abandonment becomes a source of trauma that manifests itself in various aspects of life, both in relationships and internally. In this article, we will analyze eight common personality traits of daughters abandoned by their fathers, look at how abandonment affects their lives, and how individual psychodynamic psychotherapy in Krakow can help overcome these challenges.

Personality traits common to father loss.

1. Lowered self-esteem

Children experiencing abandonment often have difficulty developing a healthy self-esteem. Abandonment by a parent can cause a child to believe that he or she is unworthy of love and support.

2. Hypervigilance

People who have been abandoned at a young age often develop hypervigilance and irrational fears. They tend to feel fear of something bad happening.

3. Previous or increased sexual behavior

Children trying to satisfy a lack of emotional connection may exhibit premature sexual behavior. They seek love and comfort in physical contact, which may lead to earlier sexual activity.

4. Fear of abandonment

The fear of being abandoned again can impact adult relationships, leading to clinginess or the need to constantly validate feelings in relationships.

5. Problems with assertiveness or aggression

Abandoned people may have difficulty expressing their needs and being decisive in relationships. Some become overly aggressive, others avoid conflict.

6. Disordered or addictive behaviors

Not knowing how to deal with emotional pain can lead to using food or substances as a source of comfort.

7. Fear of „losing everything”

Abandoned people often live in constant fear of losing everything they have. This feeling is especially intense at key moments in life.

8. Constantly trying to resolve or work through the trauma

For many abandoned people, trying to cope with the trauma affects their adult lives. They may carefully avoid starting a family or, on the contrary, try to do so in order to prove their worth.

How to treat?

Psychodynamic therapy with a psychotherapist at our Małopolska Synapsa Psychotherapy Center in Krakow can help abandoned people work through trauma and regain control over their lives. It is a process that takes time and effort, but with support and understanding, healing from childhood trauma can be achieved. Psychotherapists and a psychiatrist from Krakow specializing in individual therapy can be a valuable source of help for people experiencing the effects of parental abandonment.


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