According to psychologists, how does self-esteem change over the course of life?


Self-esteem is a key element of our psyche and affects many aspects of our lives. Research shows that it is an extremely important psychological resource that changes constantly throughout our existence.

Scientific research by psychologists.

Scientists have recently been analyzing numerous studies on self-esteem to understand how it changes from childhood to old age. This approach gives us new perspectives on self-esteem and its impact on relationships, health, education and professional success.

The team of researchers analyzed 331 studies in which self-esteem was assessed in over 164,000 people aged 4 to 94. Respondents completed questionnaires in which they expressed their beliefs about their value and self-respect.

The results of these studies showed that self-esteem increased slightly from ages 4 to 11, remained stable from ages 11 to 15, increased significantly from ages 15 to 30, remained relatively stable from ages 30 to 70, and then began to decline , especially after reaching the age of 90.

These findings challenge previous beliefs about changes in self-esteem across age groups. For example, children aged 7-9 were thought to experience a decline in self-esteem, but it turned out to be slightly higher. Previous beliefs about a sudden decline in self-esteem in teenagers were also not confirmed.

It is also interesting that despite the challenges associated with the aging process, older people maintain a relatively high level of self-esteem. The relationship between high self-esteem and the mental health of seniors is particularly important because low self-esteem may increase the risk of depression and the need to visit a psychiatrist in Krakow for treatment.

In summary, our self-esteem evolves throughout our lives, and these changes are more positive than previously thought. These studies provide valuable information about how our psyche develops at different stages of life and how we can take care of our self-esteem, even in later years. Psychologists and psychotherapists emphasize that it is important for us to take care of our self-esteem, regardless of age, because it affects the quality of our life and mental health.

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