When and why to apply for psychological consultations for children and young people in Cracow

Parents often wonder when they should seek the help of a child psychologist. Usually, before the decision is made by them, the problem intensifies and gets out of hand. Often the argument in favor of postponing application for help is the accompanying fear, uncertainty, lack of faith in the operation and effectiveness of psychotherapy.

Purpose of psychological consultation for children

The goal of psychodynamic psychotherapy is to treat mental disorders such as neuroses, depression, anxiety and personality disorders to ensure a lasting change in the patient’s well-being and functioning. Dealing with this form of therapy requires the therapist to complete appropriate courses and use supervision.

Psychotherapy of children is based on their basic activity, i.e. playing. Observing a child while playing allows you to learn about his strengths and weaknesses and allows you to discover the child’s abilities and what they can afford in different situations. In play, the child has the opportunity to free himself from tensions and bad emotions. In addition, he has the ability to learn to express his feelings and solve his problems, meet the need for sensations, he learns to express his thoughts and feelings. „Psychotherapy takes place where two areas of play overlap: the one that belongs to the patient and the one that belongs to the therapist. Therefore, it applies to two people playing together.” [D. W. Winnicott, 1995, p. 215].


Problems of adolescents may manifest themselves in behavioural andemotional disordes anxiety disorders, nutrition, depression. Youth therapy is based on reaching deep into the difficulties and problems suppressed by the teenager, support in defining one’s identity and acquiring the ability to build deep and mature human bonds.


Child therapy significantly broadens perspectives in preschool, younger school age and adolescence. It lets you get out of the beaten-up template and get to know yourself to realize your potential and to feel better and more confident. The child learns to experience more joy in life, but also to name his emotions and deal with them in a constructive way.

Consultation with a child should be reported when we notice disturbing behavior (e.g., aggressive, auto-aggressive behavior, refusal to go to school or difficulties in social contacts), when we see that the child has low self-esteem when suffering from neurosis or has prolonged depressed mood.

I invite you to a consultation in Cracow – a child psychologist Agnieszka Muchacka Cymerman

Agnieszka Muchacka Cymerman – a child psychologist, works in psychodynamic terms.

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