Psychologists Krakow wonder if escaping into a sexual relationship affects the formation of emotional 

Difficult emotional experiences without the support of a psychologist-psychotherapist, who could deal with the trauma during therapy, often lead to seeking solace in sexual relationships. Difficult experiences affect self-esteem, which is why some people think that they will feel better by increasing the number of people around them who want to enter into a sexual relationship.

An important element of a good relationship is being guided by your own needs and desires, such as the need to be understood, the desire for a warm emotional relationship. However, nowadays people often seek a sexual relationship as a substitute for a real and worthwhile relationship.

One can speculate about the motives leading to a whole range of non-committal sexual relationships and the use of sex to mask the need to create a satisfying emotional connection. Reasons for entering short-term sex-based relationships can vary, including:

Traumas and difficult emotional experiences.

Emotional wounds that are difficult to process can unconsciously push people to seek solace in sexual relationships. Such deep traumas can come from childhood, experiences of abandonment, and failed relationships in the past. Numerous studies show that people who experience both emotional and sexual abuse can develop abnormal thinking patterns in which they feel rejected and ignored by others. Trauma, rooted in childhood, may result in the search for more sexual partners in adulthood. It can also cause a greater tendency to engage in very risky sexual behavior, as well as various dysfunctions, which may require consultation with a specialist. Krakow i sexologist is the right place for such help.

Unaware of internal injuries and traumas, such people seek a lot of sexual contacts, treating them as an escape. This gives a very apparent sense of comfort, security and temporarily filling an emotional void. However, a permanent solution may be obtained by seeking help from a psychodynamic psychologist-psychotherapist, and Krakow allows you to receive appropriate support.

Low self-esteem and sexual relationships.

In the media space, and especially in social media, one can notice a large concentration on the aspects of physical attractiveness and beauty. The photos are full of coquetry and sex appeal. People with fragile egos may believe that their self-esteem will grow with the number of people who want an intimate relationship. Looking for validation in random people often brings the opposite effect. Very rarely, self-esteem increases, and much more often comes feelings of hopelessness, shame, guilt, loneliness, and emotional emptiness. Such emotions are very difficult to deal with and sometimes they can cause depression. Then it is advisable to see a psychiatrist.

The power of social conditioning.

We live within both social and social media norms that shape our attitudes towards others and our sexuality. In the Internet space, there is a belief that the sexual relationship is to be the ultimate symbol of the fulfillment of the connection, perpetuating the belief that physical intimacy automatically means emotional closeness. Psychologists who study these issues have come to the conclusion that people value satisfaction with a sexual relationship more than creating a satisfying emotional relationship, which results in a rather superficial approach to relationships and affects the large number of random sexual relationships. Krakow is quite a large agglomeration, where, thanks to popular dating applications, there is a good chance of establishing relationships not always based on emotional bonds but on sexual ones. As psychologists and psychotherapists emphasize in couples therapy and marital therapy, sexuality and intimacy can be a valuable complement to the emotional bond being built, but it cannot be its substitute.